Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

We provide our clients with the best quality of customer service by having a considerate cancellation and refund policy. We plan projects by dividing work into milestones.

Website Development

If the scope of a project is not understood by both parties, cancellations, and disputes can arise. This is why it’s important for the scope to be clearly outlined before anything else.

Since there is time spent to get every milestone and complete every module, a refund is not possible once a project has been completed.

If you and the developer mutually decide to stop working together on a project, you get the completed work and any further payment is canceled. No previous payments or deposits will be refunded.

We will not refund any payments once the client approves of the mock-ups and we move into development.

Refunds are not given for projects that are in the middle of a milestone phase.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team is an enthusiastic group of professionals that are ready to engage with you 24/7. Therefore, once the project has been discussed and the team has started working on it, no requests for refunds will be entertained. Also, to allow ample time for each campaign to bring results, a limited-time offer cannot be taken back at a later date.

SEO and digital marketing packages are not refundable, but it’s possible to cancel if you give 30 days’ notice.

We do not offer refunds on payments for projects that are left abandoned or go unfunded for more than thirty days.

Content Writing

We welcome content writing assignments as a part of digital marketing campaigns, as well as stand-alone projects alike. However, the refund policy for content is similar to the rest. 

Hence, refunds for content writing are also not applicable. A partial refund will be applicable only if the work has not started. Articles that are completed are only eligible for revisions and no refunds once the client approved the content writing work or once we started working on the content.